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Curr Biol:福建农大陈雪梅课题组发表RNA调控植物雌性生殖细胞特化研究论文

摘要 : 2017年5月25日,国际著名学术杂志《Cell》子刊《Current Biology》杂志在线发表了福建农林大学海峡联合研究院基因组中心陈雪梅院士和秦源教授合作的一篇研究论文

2017年5月25日,国际著名学术杂志《Cell》子刊《Current Biology》杂志在线发表了福建农林大学海峡联合研究院基因组中心陈雪梅院士和秦源教授合作的一篇研究论文,论文题为“The THO complex non-cell autonomously represses female germline specification through the TAS3-ARF3 module”,论文报道了植物雌性生殖细胞系特化机制。福建农林大学海峡联合研究院基因组中心博士生苏珍霞、博士生赵丽华为论文共同第一作者,秦源教授与陈雪梅院士为共同通讯作者。

植物的生殖干细胞是由体细胞分化发育而来,大孢子母细胞(megaspore mother cell, MMC)的特化代表着体细胞向雌性生殖细胞命运的转变。胚珠发育早期,细胞之间如何通过信号转导来确保只有一个位于亚表层的体细胞分化为大孢子母细胞的分子机理还不清楚。本研究首次揭示了THO蛋白复合物在大孢子母细胞特化过程中的重要调控作用,并进一步揭示THO蛋白复合体与RDR6通过介导TAS3 ta-siRNA的产生,靶向调控ARF3在胚珠中的特定区域表达,以非细胞自主的方式调控胚珠原基中大孢子母细胞命运特化的分子机理。



The THO complex non-cell autonomously represses female germline specification through the TAS3-ARF3 module


In most sexually reproducing plants, a single somatic, sub-epidermal cell in an ovule is selected to differentiate into a megaspore mother cell, which is committed to giving rise to the female germline. However, it remains unclear how intercellular signaling among somatic cells results in only one cell in the sub-epidermal layer differentiating into the megaspore mother cell. Here we uncovered a role of the THO complex in restricting the megaspore mother cell fate to a single cell. Mutations inTEX1, HPR1, and THO6, components of the THO/TREX complex, led to the formation of multiple megaspore mother cells, which were able to initiate gametogenesis. We demonstrated that TEX1 repressed the megaspore mother cell fate by promoting the biogenesis of TAS3-derived trans-acting small interfering RNA (ta-siRNA), which represses ARF3 expression. The TEX1 protein was present in epidermal cells, but not in the germline, and, through TAS3-derived ta-siRNA, restricted ARF3 expression to the medio domain of ovule primordia. Expansion of ARF3 expression into lateral epidermal cells in a TAS3 ta-siRNA-insensitive mutant led to the formation of supernumerary megaspore mother cells, suggesting that TEX1- and TAS3-mediated restriction of ARF3 expression limits excessive megaspore mother cell formation non-cell-autonomously. Our findings reveal the role of a small-RNA pathway in the regulation of female germline specification in Arabidopsis.

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