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Stem Cell Reports:武汉大学周荣家和程汉华教授研究组发表干细胞分化研究新成果

摘要 : 2016年9月13日,国际著名学术杂志《Cell》子刊《Stem Cell Reports》杂志在线发表了武汉大学生命科学学院周荣家教授和程汉华教授实验室在干细胞及其分化研究新成果

 2016年9月13日,国际著名学术杂志《Cell》子刊《Stem Cell Reports》杂志在线发表了武汉大学生命科学学院周荣家教授和程汉华教授实验室在干细胞及其分化研究新成果,研究成果为:Directed differentiation of zebrafish pluripotent embryonic cells to functional cardiomyocytes。项研究通过确立斑马鱼胚胎细胞的多能性时序,建立了直接诱导为功能性心肌细胞的技术系统。博士后肖遥同学为论文第一作者,周荣家教授和程汉华教授为论文共同通讯作者。




Directed Differentiation of Zebrafish Pluripotent Embryonic Cells to Functional Cardiomyocytes


A cardiomyocyte differentiation in vitro system from zebrafish embryos remains to be established. Here, we have determined pluripotency window of zebrafish embryos by analyzing their gene-expression patterns of pluripotency factors together with markers of three germ layers, and have found that zebrafish undergoes a very narrow period of pluripotency maintenance from zygotic genome activation to a brief moment after oblong stage. based on the pluripotency and a combination of appropriate conditions, we established a rapid and efficient method for cardiomyocyte generation in vitro from primary embryonic cells. The induced cardiomyocytes differentiated into functional and specific cardiomyocyte subtypes. Notably, these in vitro generated cardiomyocytes exhibited typical contractile kinetics and electrophysiological features. The system provides a new paradigm of cardiomyocyte differentiation from primary embryonic cells in zebrafish. The technology provides a new platform for the study of heart development and regeneration, in addition to drug discovery, disease modeling, and assessment of cardiotoxic agents.

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